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These statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau reflect how invaluable grandparents can be, but, in honor of their very own day, here’s some more reasons why:

Some of them are so in love.


Some of them are kind of silly.



Some of them are terrified of Japanese restaurants.


Some of them don’t understand Skype.


Sometimes they have Band-Aids on their faces.



Some are funny.


Some are beyond sweet.


And some are just plain awesome.



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So yeah. I am one of the few who only writes when falling in love, or falling apart. This time, I am taking my time because of the second mentioned reason. Yes I am falling apart. Maybe not only me, but I know for sure that its more of me who is merely hurting.

I don’t know when and where it all started, or even what is really going on. Big part of me is saying I am losing. I am losing a battle, yes. And I am losing, losing the type of love and companionship that we have, Losing— that I pray God every night not to let it happen, losing you. Our years had gone so fast, so sweet and tearing. Us is not perfect, but we both know from the start that it’s you who is perfectly for me, and I to you. Changes took place, chances saved us. We are not keeping it away, we aren’t letting it go, we put hold onto whatever we have started and planted. But then, what’s happening with you?

I’ve never been so demanding which I found so fair. I am learning all the possible ways to make you believe that what you are and what you give are the best that a world can offer. I wanted you to believe because you really are my dear.

What’s happening to you?

I’m still keeping the faith, you know.

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You know you’re sad when even baduy sad songs you used to hate actually starting to make sense and affect you.

— 10 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Married In Your 20s - Isha Jalan


For future reference

me yesterday night : lol who needs sleep
me today: i do. i need sleep.
me tonight: lol who needs sleep
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